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Journalists’ Newsroom Hacks: Essential Tips and Tools to Save Time on Data-Gathering and Resources

Wednesday, 06.24.2020

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Online Webinar

Join journalist Maggie Lee for a session about newsroom hacks featuring tools that can help you bypass mental roadblocks and time-sucks on your beat.

You’ll go back to your newsroom with ideas about how to track websites, search Google and Twitter more efficiently, sum and sort data with Excel and unlock PDFs. Lee will also look at ways to get graphics and maps in your stories without coding; she will also demo free resource sites. If you want to do the examples during the session, you’ll also need Excel or Google sheets.

This online event is geared toward beginners who want an intro to data-gathering and presentation tools. Check out the outline for the webinar here.

The presentation will be followed by group discussion/Q&A. This online event is FREE.