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Awards & Hall of Fame

Our community takes the time to recognize top leaders within our industry. For more than 50 years we’ve fostered and awarded journalistic excellence to distinguish outstanding individuals who uphold the highest standards of the press.

Hall of Fame Awards of Excellence

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is an annual event that recognizes journalists for their lifetime achievements, whose careers represent the highest standards of journalistic integrity and ethics. They have made outstanding contributions either to journalism in Georgia, the country and the world at large, often courageously overcoming many obstacles to pursue, find and share the truth.

2017 Inductees

Doug Blackmon, former Wall Street Journal Atlanta bureau chief and 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner for General Nonfiction for Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II, introduced by former acting attorney general Sally Yates.


Fred Kalil, sports director at CBS46, introduced by Atlanta Falcons’ president and CEO Rich McKay.


Aubrey Morris (1922- 2010), WSB Radio’s first news director, introduced by WSB Radio host of Atlanta’s Morning News Scott Slade.


Cynthia Tucker, former editorial page editor for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary, introduced by veteran WSB-TV anchor Monica Pearson.


Past Inductees

Awards of Excellence

It’s been an interesting year for journalism and journalists alike in Atlanta. From the Super Bowl to the I-85 bridge collapse, a special election with 18 candidates, a solar eclipse, and a tight race for mayor of Atlanta, 2017 has been a hectic year. It also has produced some of the best journalism Atlanta has seen, and it’s time to recognize the excellence of Atlanta media.

The Atlanta Press Club Awards of Excellence recognizes individual journalists for quality work that makes an impact. All journalists who either work for Atlanta news outlets or who are based in Atlanta are eligible to enter for an Award of Excellence. Anyone is eligible to nominate a journalist for an award. All entries must be work completed in 2017.

Nomination Deadline: February 16 at 10 p.m.


The 2017 Awards of Excellence will be judged by members of the National Press Club based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of Content
  • Did it make an impact?
  • Demonstrated Reportorial Skill

Members of the Atlanta Press Club board of directors are not eligible to win. 


To enter or to nominate someone:

Entry Fees:

  • APC Members – $25 per entry
  • Nonmembers – $45 per entry


2017 Awards of Excellence Categories:

  • Print/Online, Daily – News or feature articles appearing in a daily publication
  • Print/Online, Non-Daily – News or feature articles appearing in regularly produced weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or one-off newspapers or magazines
  • TV Reporting – News or feature story appearing in a local or national newscast or program. Story should run no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Videography  Videography to support a news or feature story. Story should run no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Radio Reporting – News or feature story appearing on local or national radio. Story should run no longer than 15 minutes
  • Documentary/Series – A long-form look at a single issue in visual or audio format. Entry should run 15 minutes or longer.
  • Use of Sound – Quality sound use to support a news or feature broadcast, online or radio story.
  • Single Image Photo  News or feature photograph that supports or tells a story.
  • Photo Gallery  Photo story or collection of photographs that supports or tells a story.
  • Investigative Reporting  An investigative broadcast, print, online or radio story or series that had demonstrable impact.
  • The Rising Star Award – Outstanding talent from any medium, from a journalist under 30 years of age.
  • Reporting on Civil and Human Rights  Original reporting on a civil or human rights issue from any medium including print, broadcast, radio or online. Entries do not need to be Atlanta-based.
  • The News Innovation Award – The Innovation Award seeks to recognize those news organizations that have thought “outside the box.”  Perhaps it was a new app or a creative new online design; maybe it was a complicated data project that used new reporting approaches or maybe you found a new secret sauce for your SEO efforts. Maybe your innovation relied on new technology or maybe it deployed existing technology in a new way.  Innovation also may spring from doing things in a medium that is not a primary focus: a print publication produces a groundbreaking podcast or a radio station boosting online traffic with original video.  Innovation comes in many forms – please use this application to tell us how your organization is breaking the mold. This entry must include a letter that demonstrates proof of innovation. This category will be judged by Google News Lab, which has a mission of fostering journalism innovation.
  • The Atlanta Press Club Impact Award –The winner of the APC Impact Award is a Georgian (not necessarily a journalist) who had a significant impact on the journalism profession in the previous calendar year and has furthered the mission of the APC, which is focused on fostering journalistic excellence and advancing the public’s understanding of a free press. This entry must include a letter that demonstrates proof of impact/results.