Democracy and the Informed Citizen

Journalism is under attack, and there is rampant confusion about what journalists do and why they are vital in a democracy. In the current media environment, it can be hard to tell what news is real vs. fake, what is fact vs. opinion and what information is trustworthy.

The Atlanta Press Club is proud to have partnered with Georgia Humanities on a project called Democracy and the Informed Citizen. The initiative has three primary aims: 1) to deepen the public’s knowledge and appreciation of the close connections between democracy, the humanities, journalism and an informed citizenry; 2) to increase media literacy by engaging the public in discussions with respected journalists and scholars about reliable and unreliable sources of information; and 3) to explore obstacles to sustaining high-quality journalism, especially local journalism, and potential solutions.

Click here for more information, including important resources to help the public navigate this confusing time. #JournalismMatters