2024 Awards of Excellence Entry Form

Recognizing individual journalists for quality work that makes an impact.


Please scroll down to enter and complete the entire application. All journalists who either work for Atlanta news outlets or who are based in Atlanta are eligible to enter for an Award of Excellence, and anyone is eligible to nominate a journalist for an Award of Excellence. All entries must be work completed in 2023.

Atlanta Press Club board members are not eligible to win.

View the 2023 Awards of Excellence winners here.

Awards of Excellence Categories

Digital News – News or feature articles appearing in a digital news publication.

Print News – News or feature articles appearing in regularly produced daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or one-off print publications such as newspapers or magazines.

TV Reporting – News or feature story appearing in a local or national newscast or program. Story should run no longer than 20 minutes.

Video – Video in a news or feature story. Story should run no longer than 20 minutes.

Radio Reporting – News or feature story appearing on local or national radio. Story should run no longer than 15 minutes.

Documentary/Series – A long-form look at a single issue in visual or audio format. Entry should run 15 minutes or longer. Please note podcasts have their own category.

Use of Sound – Quality sound use to support a news or feature broadcast, online, radio story or podcast.

Podcasts – Exploration of a topic or topics using journalism standards in an on-demand audio format. If entry has multiple episodes, please submit no more than two.

Single Image Photo – A single news or feature photograph that supports or tells a story.

Photo Essay – Photo story or collection of photographs that supports or tells a story. May submit multiple photos to show complete story or collection.

Investigative Reporting – An investigative print, broadcast, radio or digital story or series that had demonstrable impact.

Narrative Nonfiction Journalism – A news or feature story using long form narratives to report on an issue. Can be any medium.

Arts and Culture Journalism – A news or feature story focusing on art, culture, music, film, travel, etc. Can be any medium.

The Rising Star Award – Outstanding talent in a body of work from any medium, from a journalist under 30 years of age. May submit up to five pieces to show complete body of work.

Reporting on Civil and Human Rights – Original reporting on a civil or human rights issue from any medium including print, broadcast, radio or digital. Entries do not need to be Atlanta-based.

The News Innovation Award – Presented to an organization or individual that used an innovative approach to report or disseminate news. Entries may include the use of technology or social media in a unique way, or the reporting of a story in a way that is unique to your or your organization.

The Atlanta Press Club Impact Award – The winner of the APC Impact Award is a Georgian (not necessarily a journalist) who had a significant impact on the journalism profession in the previous calendar year and has furthered the mission of the APC, which is focused on fostering journalistic excellence and advancing the public’s understanding of a free press.

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