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The Atlanta Press Club’s mission is to serve the evolving professional, educational and social needs of our media community, foster journalistic excellence and advance the public’s interest in and understanding of a free press.

Members of the news media have been labeled “the enemy.” Falsehoods are being presented as facts. News organizations are not only being blocked from access to press briefings but even being threatened with physical harm. Support for the professional needs of Atlanta’s media community is always important. And it’s more important now than ever before.

Good journalism serves our nation; it ensures the checks and balances that keep our institutions strong. Below are just some of the ways the Atlanta Press Club supports our journalisms community. We ask you to help us provide even more support.


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Here are some of the ways the Atlanta Press Club supports journalists:


Training Programs and Workshops

As part of our mission, APC provides training sessions throughout the year to help working journalists do their jobs better. Recently, we’ve held writing workshops to help journalists hone their pitching, storytelling and editing skills. We’ve also hosted training sessions focused on sharing technical tools journalists can use to make gathering and compiling information easier and faster.

In addition, we hold monthly educational programs on legal and social topics such as current legislation, First Amendment law, race and the media.



Supporting Future Journalists

APC supports local journalism students with programs specifically tailored to those continuing their educations.

We annually place local journalism students with paid summer internships at some of Atlanta’s best news organizations, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WABE, the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Magazine, Creative Loafing and others.

These internships allow up-and-coming journalists to gain hands-on experience with seasoned editors and journalists while completing their educations.

Additionally, APC’s “Get the Scoop” program is now in its second year. Get the Scoop is a student-only event held once a semester at a local university. Journalism students attend a panel discussion with local journalists just getting started in their careers to discuss how to land a first job, how to pitch stories and how to network.



Recognizing Quality Journalism

While supporting and encouraging good journalism, APC recognizes the excellent journalism already being done. Our annual Awards of Excellence celebrates the best journalism in the Atlanta area. A volunteer judge from the National Press Club, who has judged our Awards of Excellence for two years, recently said, “Atlanta is blessed with having a vibrant print and broadcast media.” We believe an effective way to counter recent attacks on the media is to shed light on good journalism, and our Awards of Excellence continues to foster this idea.

Get the Scoop

Photos by Gordon Clark.

Get the Scoop is a program held by the Atlanta Press Club once a semester at local colleges and universities to inspire student journalists by exposing them to the thrills, challenges and hard work in the lives of rising stars involved in local media. The third edition, held at Georgia State University in March, included Ciara Frisbie, CNN; Stephen Fowler, Georgia Public Broadcasting and Rikki Klaus, WSB-TV, while John Hendry, lead graduate student assistant in the Georgia State University Journalism Writing Center, moderated the discussion.