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The Atlanta Travel Guide For Sale

The Atlanta Travel Guide website business for sale.

The Atlanta Travel Guide is the local’s guide to Atlanta. What to see, eat and do in Atlanta.


-A website that has already been created and has a following since being launched in February. The website uses some formatting from a template, but we hired a professional to change it to look professional and unique. We wanted to use Wix so we can easily update it without hiring an IT person.

-A hard to attain domain name that is already on page 2 of Google Searches and worth $860 as suggested by Youtube page is showing up on page one of google searches.

-Social media handles for Instagram and Facebook with a following. Additionally, we have secured a Youtube channel.

-The last video had over 3100 video views on Facebook. The last video was titled, ” Top 5 Photo Ops in Inman Park.” 

-Ownership of Logo that has already been created and being used. Two different logos to choose from as we had two different artists make a logo to be able to have a selection.

-Approval letters from to sell tours and tickets to monetize and CJ Affiliate that manages affiliate marketing. See attached.

Could advertise anything from hotels, realtors, restaurants, events and more. The website just launched in February without any major advertising and already has a following.

The city of Atlanta’s official website is, with Alexa showing it’s ranking as 20,767 in the USA. Atlanta is expected to take over the 8th largest city in the USA by 2022 according to US census data. This leaves a huge opening in the market. That’s why we not only created a business website, we secured the domain for viewers to find us fast. Currently, we are on the second page for a search on Godaddy, and the first page with videos. rates the domain alone at a worth of $860 (attached) and we just launched in February!

For the month of February, we featured movers and shakers of Atlanta. Six writers submitted stories for FREE because they were excited about The Atlanta Travel Guide. These included: the best restaurant picks in Atlanta by a semifinalist for the James Beard rising star chef award and a diamond realtor on how to pick what area of town to live in. We’ve got the locals guide to Atlanta by the experts. Best hotels, restaurants, realtors, and event guide! Monetarily this leaves openings for sales from most businesses in the metro area. Additionally, we have already been approved for CJ Affiliate that manages affiliation sites for and for, that handles tours. Approval letters are attached. Please see below for the website, logo, and social media handles that are included and make this a business you can hit the ground floor running instead of having to create from scratch.

1. Seller Bio

A previous writer to local magazines in the area and television host.  While working at different publications, I was constantly asked what is there to do this weekend in Atlanta? Unlike most major metropolitan cities, Atlanta did not have a locals guide that was current.

2. Operations

This would be a great business for an entrepreneur, writer or someone that is excited about all the new things in Atlanta. It is easy to run from a computer anywhere in the world. 

3. Customers

Locals and visitors alike would use this site. Locals want to know events, ideas of what to do and what new things are happening in Atlanta. Realtors, restaurants, and businesses need to get the word out on their businesses to the locals and visitors. Selling ATL merchandise would be an additional idea, through CafePress or another, to monetize the site. 

4. Seller Notes

I built this business as I saw a need in the Atlanta area. We have had a spectacular uptake in just the 6 weeks we have been online officially. We are already on page two of a google search. If you are looking to start a business, why do all the groundwork when you can purchase everything that’s ready to go and has a following? Including, a logo! This site and social media already have followers! The opportunities for The Atlanta Travel Guide are endless. Feel free to contact me with any questions on the site.