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Investigative Journalist

State Affairs

Investigative Journalist – Georgia (Antlanta Metropolitan Area)

State Affairs​ offers high quality, subscription-based, investigative journalism that covers statehouse news. It’s a platform that empowers world class journalists to uncover what’s really going on in state capitals, a critical category of journalism that has atrophied to crisis levels as local newspapers wither and decline. This isn’t about covering national trends, a space that’s already saturated; it’s about providing the platform and resources for urgently-needed deep dives into power centers that heavily shape the laws that govern Americans’ lives. All politics is local. Our mission is to make Statehouse politics and politicians accountable by filling a void and reviving a decaying realm of America’s Fourth Estate. Officials in Washington, DC can’t be the only leaders whose actions, votes, spending, and ethics are subject to the civic disinfectant of rigorous journalistic oversight. 

Overview – State Affairs content types, style and culture:


  • Investigative Reporting – Deep investigative dives into topics are the cornerstone of the State Affairs platform. This reporting uses objective data, provides context, and answers how policies impact the everyday lives of the people.
  • Analysis – The reporting on updates and going-ons with news is deepened with analysis of underreported public information that affects all facets of life. The most engaged with Analyses will spur further investigative and opinion pieces.
  • Opinion/Consider This – Present classical logically structure arguments around a particular subject and visually map alternative viewpoints.


  • We make news, don’t chase hashtags
  • Dig into cause and effect
  • Provide context of how it affects daily life
  • Emphasis on facts, sources, logic
  • Graphic visualizations utilized


  • We’re curious, not cynical
  • We value honesty and truth, even when it isn’t easy
  • Plainspeak is the standard
  • We prioritize logic, not bias

Role – Investigative Journalist (full time):

Developing deep-dive stories to inform the public on what’s really going on within the Georgia state government, and how it affects their lives.

  • Taking time to research and investigate full length pieces that break stories into mainstream conversation.
  • The current state of affairs means that not only is there likely corruption to uncover, but a lot of low hanging fruit on more general topics. A key is connecting these stories to peoples’ lives and explaining potential impact.
  • A focus on incorporating data, citing credible experts who have worked on the topic, gathering context from other states where appropriate, and ‘following the money’ for corruption or ROI-type stories.
  • This position will be supported by the editorial board, copy editors, infographic designers, and the founders of the company.


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