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Executive Producer


Reporting to the Managing Editor, the Executive Producer is responsible for overseeing the production value and relentless execution of newscasts by a team of producers in our multi-platform newsroom.  The Executive Producer will work with producers to craft newscasts that deliver valuable, impactful, well-paced content in a creative and relevant way, utilizing research-based goals. The Executive Producer must ensure each newscast OWNS weather, breaking news and traffic coverage. He or she must be a visionary who can lead innovation efforts in showcasing of our reporters, investigative and enterprise stories. The Executive Producer also plays a critical role in carrying out “choreography” between TV, digital and radio—the use of digital, social and radio to drive viewers to newscasts, and the use of newscasts to drive viewers to digital, streaming content and radio. The Executive Producer will also communicate with Breaking News & Assignment Desk leaders about story development. Finally, we’re looking for a motivating, people-oriented leader, with excellent communication skills who’ll coach and develop producers and work with them to evolve our newscasts for the future.


  • Oversee newscasts, making sure they meet research goals and the mission of being the go-to source for weather, breaking news and enterprise-investigative content
  • Must possess solid news judgment
  • Oversee digital choreography with digital team and producers; the use of push alerts to drive viewers to watch and engage with our ancillary digital-social content
  • Supervise Producers, make sure newscasts contain valuable, easy and clear content
  • Oversee that newscast stories contain content, relevance, perspective—inject live throughout newscasts—we plan for moments of authenticity with anchors/reporters
  • Supervise Producers to execute tease and “meter click-point” strategies—emotion, nat sound
  • Ensure newscasts regularly showcase and execute process language
  • Ensure innovation, creativity is used to showcase stories—use of set, graphics, maps, live cams
  • Read scripts, putting new information and value at the top; forward writing, pointing to previous or exclusive coverage
  • Copy edit newscasts for accuracy, spelling and grammar
  • Maximize use of graphics, maps, pre-production to make newscast clear and easy to understand
  • Work with directors to ensure ideas can be executed with our control room automation system
  • Attend editorial meetings and regularly contribute story ideas
  • Supervise producers to ensure newscast contains content from core counties, our viewing area
  • Coordinate Producer and Writer schedules, approving hours worked and PTO
  • Conduct reviews of Producers and Writers in collaboration with the Managing Editor
  • Lead continuous live coverage of breaking news and weather; help with special coverage plans
  • Hold newscast reviews and critiques


  • Bachelor’s degree from 4-year college or university in Journalism, Communications related field
  • Minimum 3 years professional TV newscast producing experience required
  • Ability to be a coach, motivating leader and effective communicator who can work in a team environment is required.
  • Please provide links to newscasts that demonstrate your skills with breaking news, weather, as well as your innovative showcasing and creativity with stories and newscast set
  • The Executive Producer will report to the Managing Editor