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This position is responsible for content that drives audience growth at the community level in metro Atlanta.

The reporter in this position covers one or more geographically defined areas (city, county or collection of communities) and produces original news and features, aggregated content and social media to engage our audiences. The person filling this role is expected to produce multiple pieces of socially sharable content daily across a range of topics — from crime to local government to education and things to do — to distribute across our websites and social media channels.


• Use time effectively to produce news and feature stories customized for mobile, social media and emerging digital platforms. Publish 4-6 pieces of content per day, depending on the complexity.
• Adjust to changing needs of the targeted audiences across a variety of digital platforms.
• Communicate and work effectively with the public, colleagues and editors.
• Produce photos and videos, and collect data and other information for maps, charts and other audience-friendly content
• Use social media to gather information and to strategically disseminate information
• Demonstrate research skills, including knowledge of digital search tools and techniques and of websites relevant to the story topic or beat.
• Collaborate with local team colleagues and audience content editors on advance coverage of key events for the local audience.
• Monitor websites for content that will drive traffic.
• Measures and is accountable for pageview and visit targets for content he or she creates.


• In breaking and routine news situations, able to quickly self-publish clear, concise and accurate stories with SEO-effective headlines and other components.
• Able to build a network of news sources and possess a range of interview skills, adaptable to the situation.
• Able to quickly produce multi-source stories without significant inaccuracies or reporting gaps.
• Possess news judgement to recognize situations that could expose the AJC to litigation over libel, invasion of privacy, copyright or other issues and involve supervisors as appropriate.
• An established social media presence on various platforms preferred. (Candidates should supply handles for verification.)
• Experience with analytics tools preferred.
• Must be proficient in reporting across a wide range of topics.
• Collaborative; likes to work with others to achieve success.
• Detail-oriented and accurate.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Basic Photoshops and video production skills a plus.


Education: Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, marketing, public relations, advertising, social media or related media field preferred.

Experience: 1-5 years of experience creating content for a daily newspaper preferred. Ideal candidate has experience working on a community news team.

Interface Requirements: Other newsroom journalists, sources, public officials


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