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Centralcast Operator

Essential Job Functions
70% – Operates technical hardware and systems related to on-air operations. Monitors on-air signal of multiple television stations and switches sources to air using Harris Automation as well as a manual master control switcher. Records satellite feeds and ingests programs, promos, and commercials into playout servers.
Video editing as required.
15% – Documents on air operations through logs and reports including recording transmitter readings and writing discrepancy and shift reports.
10% – Communicates issues and problems to management and other personnel at local and remote facilities to ensure all material is ready for air.
5% – Participates in projects and special assignments as requested by management.

Travel Requirements <5%/NA

Minimum Qualifications and Job Requirements | All must be met to be considered.

Experience: At least 3 years of successful experience in a broadcast television station master control or operational/technical department is required.

Experience providing master control/operational support to multiple stations is highly preferred.

Experience with Harris Automation is highly preferred.


College Degree or Technical Diploma preferred

Specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Must be able to work flexible, varying shift schedules as needed including early mornings, overnights, and weekends.

  • Ability to adhere to strict deadlines and complete work assignments in an accurate and timely manner.

  • Must be adaptable and flexible with the ability to shift focus on new priorities.

  • Good interpersonal skills.

  • Good verbal and written communication skills.

  • Must be team oriented and have had past successful experience working in a team environment.

  • Must have good organizational and time management skills.

  • Must be able to follow directions and dependably complete work assignments.

  • Must be technologically proficient.

Travel required: N/A

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