Membership Categories

Membership to The Atlanta Press Club is exclusive to those involved in promoting journalism and allied professions. Please read the following information carefully before submitting an application. Membership in the Atlanta Press Club is on an individual basis and is not transferable. The Press Club must be notified of a change of employment or address. All dues must be paid in advance.*

*CNN, Georgia Public Broadcasting, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Weather Channel, Bloomberg, WXIA-TV and WSB-TV employees receive discounted membership rates! For more information click here.


To submit a membership application, click here.


Journalist – Annual dues $40

You may qualify for a Journalist membership if you fit into one of the following groups:

Open to anyone who works primarily as a journalist engaged in gathering, reporting, writing, editing, researching or photographing news and/or feature stories for any print or electronic medium. Anyone having management or consultative responsibilities for such journalists may also qualify as a Journalist member.

Online journalists working for an electronic publication that gives its chief attention to the gathering and disseminating of news or analysis, and is of interest to, and available to, a wide segment of the general public qualify for Journalist status.

Freelancers whose work product (at least 80 percent) is from work purchased by such media are included in this classification. You will be asked to submit recent samples of your work for the Board of Directors to review. Employed by or freelance work done for house organizations or non-media organizations does not qualify a person for Journalist status.


Author – Annual Dues $40

You may qualify for an Author membership if you fit into the following group:

Authors of any genre that generate 80 percent of their work product from full-time writing that is published may also qualify for this membership category.


Associate – Annual dues $200

You may qualify for an Associate  membership if you fit into one of the following groups:

Persons who represent public relations firms, trade associations, or other organizations, and who are in frequent contact with news media on a public relations or public information basis;

Persons engaged in the creation of advertising using copy, writing, layouts or similar skills;

Persons not described elsewhere whose applications for membership have been considered on an individual basis, and have been recommended by the Membership Committee and approved by the Board of Directors of the Club.


Non-profit/Government – Annual dues $90

You may qualify for a Non-profit/Government  membership if you fit into  the following group:

Public relations professionals working for a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit or in a government/public sector communications role.

Educator – Annual dues $40

You may qualify for an Educator membership if you fit into the following group:

Anyone primarily engaged in teaching news gathering, writing or editing skills at an accredited educational institution.

Retired – Annual dues 1/2 of the rate for the class in which membership was held or would have been held (i.e. $20 for retired Active or Educator; $100 for retired Associate).

You may qualify for a Retired membership if you fit into the following group:

Anyone who is no longer employed full-time and who was a member of the Atlanta Press Club as an Active, Associate or Educator member; or whose activities while working would have qualified for such membership.

Student – Annual dues $15

You may qualify for a Student membership if you fit into one of the following groups:

Anyone who is primarily engaged in attending college and is enrolled in an accredited department or school of journalism. Applicant must provide proof of full-time enrollment. Recent college graduates may stay at the student rate for six months after graduation. After that they must be moved to a different category or reapply at a later time.

Affiliate – Annual dues Journalist members $30/Annual dues Associate members $125

You may qualify for an Affiliate membership if you fit into the following group:

Any journalist or public relations professional working outside of the Metro Atlanta area qualifies for membership dues at a reduced price for both Journalist and Associate categories. The Board of Directors will make the final discretion concerning which locations qualify as “outside of the Metro Atlanta area.”