Bar, Media and Judiciary Conference Invites Journalists to Feb. 26 Forum

The Georgia Bar, Media and Judiciary Conference invites journalists to its Friday, Feb. 26, forum on emerging issues in the law and society. Journalists receive the student rate of $25 for the all-day conference, which includes parking in the State Bar building in downtown Atlanta and a box lunch. Attendees are free to stay for just part of the day and each session allots time for questions from journalists and others in attendance.

Sessions include:

  • A look behind the scenes at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s comprehensive review of police shootings, “Over the Line.”
  • Law enforcement officers discuss how the tension between them and citizens is changing the way they approach their jobs.
  • 21st century public housing? Covering the continuing construction of Atlanta’s sports stadiums.
  • The story of a college football fix: A look back at Georgia’s contribution to the law of libel in the world of Bear Bryant
  • Justice for judges: A look at the work of the Judicial Qualifications Commission in a Fred Friendly-style visit to the imaginary court of Judge Lawless Stevens in Lizard Lick, Ga.
  • Georgia and the death penalty: Changing perspectives?
  • A live broadcast of GPB’s “Political Rewind” with Bill Nigut and Jim Galloway.

See the full program and register here: