Adrian Bernal

Producer, WPBC Radio

Adrian Bernal is an award winning broadcast professional and journalist with 5 Emmy nominations and 2 Gold Promax awards.

In 2006 he helped create Georgia TeVe, Atlanta’s first independent Spanish language TV station featuring Fox5/ GeorgiaTeVe Noticias, Atlanta’s first 30 minute Spanish newscast.

Previously, Adrian had a 12 year career with Turner Broadcasting working for TNT and Cartoon Network Latin America and helped launch Telemundo/CNN, covering such stories as the fall of the Berlin wall, the San Francisco Earthquake and the first Gulf War among others.

Growing up in San Antonio, Texas Adrian worked with the Latino community and continues doing so in Atlanta. A licensed interpreter, he is a board member of the AAIT (Atlanta Association of Interpreters and Translators) and serves as President of GALAJ (Georgia Association of Latin American Journalists).

Adrian currently is the President and owner of Creative Inc. and from time to time fills in at the assignments desk for CNNenEspañol.