2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

 On September 22, 2011, the following people were inducted into the inaugural Hall of Fame class:

Furman Bisher (1918 – 2012) , noted sportswriter, editor, and author who began his career in 1938 and joined the Atlanta Constitutionin 1950

Henry W. Grady (1850-1889), legendary editor of the Atlanta Constitution

Tom Johnson, president of CNN in the 1990s and former publisher of the Los Angeles Times

John Pruitt, long-time anchor of Channel 2 Action News on WSB-TV who retired at the end of 2010

Alexis Scott and the Scott Family, publishers of the Atlanta Daily World, the city’s respected African American newspaper founded in 1928

Ted Turner, media titan who is best known as the founder of CNN and Turner Broadcasting Company